A Mind-Changing Formula For Life-Changing Results

Have you leaned in so much you’ve toppled over?

Jackie Ghedine + Mimi Bishop work with smart, take-it-all-on Gen X ladies, like you. The only problem is you’re being pulled in so many different directions you’re completed frayed. Our model, The Resting Mind, teaches you how to make choices so you can break through the “have-it-all” Gen X myth.

What you think leads to how you feel which leads to what your life looks like. But changing the way you think isn’t like flipping a switch. The Resting Mind increases your resilience, shifts your outlook and will change your life.

How do we know this works? Because we redefined what it is to be a Gen X lady.

Hi! We’re Jackie + Mimi.

Like you, we were told we could have it all. The big jobs, the family, the house that looked like Martha Stewart helped decorate.

Generation X Career Women Life Coaches Business Coaches

Jackie Ghedine was Associate Publisher at AdAge where she was responsible for building new businesses, driving revenue and leading a diverse team.

Mimi Bishop was Vice President of Marketing Services at a division of News Corporation where she was responsible for strategy, content creation and leading a team.

Our lives were pretty fabulous until we realized that striving, at this pace, in this way, just wasn’t sustainable nor was it as satisfying as we once imagined.  But as you know, Gen X ladies are resourceful, self-sufficient and driven. Individually, we started to investigate.

Jackie, became a certified life coach trained at Goal Imagery Institute specializing in neuroscience and positive psychology while Mimi, became a certified life coach, trained at iPEC specializing in using energy leadership.


Oh… but we didn’t know each other yet!

You see we’d heard about each other for years through our mutual friend, Kerri (thanks Kerri!). So when we both left our corporate jobs with the intention to start a movement supporting other women, Kerri insisted we finally meet.

You know when you feel like you’ve known someone forever?

That’s what happened to us too. Over a cup of coffee, we shared our experiences and laughed at the idea of leaning in any further for we feared toppling over. We realized that for so many of us Gen X ladies there is this notion of keeping everything in balance so nothing tips, we need to  be the perfect (insert your titles here!) and that doing for oneself is selfish, not self-care. There it was, the seed was planted for The Resting Mind.

We know you’re like us and that we all have a similar Gen X connection.

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