Balance is Bullsh*t

Let’s get real, as Gen X ladies, we don’t balance, we juggle while balancing on one foot. In fact, I’d bet $100 bucks that the entire idea of work-life balance was invented by a man.

So before you get stressed out (again!)  trying to make it all work -- consider rethinking what having it all looks like.

To get you started, here are 5 ways to manage the BS of balance:

#1. Recognize we can’t have it all -- but we can choose what we want.

Instead of striving for the 50/50 equal balance think of your life as a pie, where you get to choose the slices and how big they are. Maybe some weeks work will take up the biggest slice, but then other times your family will. When you’re aware of the slices and how big they are you take control.  

#2. Stop trying to be perfect.

Sometimes good enough is much better than perfect. The first draft of the presentation doesn’t have to look like the final product. Your dinner party can be catered. No one died because their clean laundry stayed in the basket and never made it into the dresser drawers.

#3. Support each other’s choices.

  • It’s ok if I don’t want to have kids so I can work on building a huge business.

  • It’s ok if you don’t want a big career so you can focus on your family.

  • It’s ok if someone else decides to leave their huge job to become a yoga teacher.

  • It’s all ok. We need to cheer each other one as we make the brave choices that work for us. The slices of your pie may be different than mine, that’s a fabulous thing.

#4. Embrace the juggle.

Let’s face it -- we’re the masters of the juggle. The key is to not juggle too many balls at once. Decide which ones need to stay in the air and keep your eye on the ball. Drop the balls that don’t matter as much.  

#5. Enjoy the small moments.

There’s no doubt about it, the pressure is on. Going for a massage or going away on vacation may be out of the question. But we can start to find the space in the small moments. A deep breath. A good laugh.  A chat with a good friend -- these are the things that keep us going.

What does redefining balance look like for you?


Marissa Bishop