Corporate Workshops

Your organization’s bottom line is driven by employee output. With workload stress, organizational demands and an always-on work culture, no wonder 80% of workers feel stress from their job and nearly half indicate they need help in managing their stress*

Corporate goals are to:

·      Increase productivity

·      Hold on to their competitive edge

·      Ideate and innovate

·      Meet tight budgets and drive revenue

Organizations need to walk a fine line between extracting greatness from its employees and a pressure cooker culture.

Using The Resting Mind Formula, we train employees at corporate on:

·      Stress management

·      Decision making for problem solving

·      Communication and active listening

·      Navigating interpersonal relationships in the workplace

·      Employee satisfaction and happiness

·      Managing employee burnout

·      Productivity and time management

Contact us to create a customizes workshop to support your greatest asset, your employees, which impacts your bottom line.