A Mind-Changing Formula For Life-Changing Results

We help go-getter women, like you, get your spark back.

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Hi! We’re Jackie and Mimi.

Jackie Ghedine + Mimi Bishop work with go-getter Gen X women, like you, whose identity has been defined by their careers, always-on boss, kids, spouse, parents, health and financial needs—until NOW.  

You’re ready to get your spark back—from losing weight or putting the magic back into your marriage to finding a new job or starting your own business. 

Together we’ll help you to bridge the gap between your conscious goals—what you want, and your subconscious settings—the things that keep you stuck, so you can have the life YOU want.


The Resting Mind, our mind-shifting formula for life-changing results, works by using the proven techniques of awareness, energy leadership, brain science and creating habits for sustainable change.

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